A criminal defense lawyer is there to help you when you’re having legal difficulties to ensure you are granted all the protections afforded to you by the law. Here are some situations where people in Louisville, KY should reach out to criminal defense lawyers for assistance.

5 Situations Where You’ll Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer

1. You Have Been Questioned By Police Regarding a Crime

Many people realize they should contact a defense attorney once they have been formally charged with a crime, but the reality is that you can benefit from legal advice much earlier in the process than this. If you are being questioned by police in regards to a crime, contacting a lawyer to figure out what steps you should take to protect yourself is always a good step to take.

2. Your Child Is in Legal Trouble

A defense lawyer can help to protect your family when your child finds themselves involved in a legal dispute. The criminal justice system works differently for juveniles, and the many intricacies of this area of law are things a defense lawyer can help with. They’ll help maximize the chance of your child reaching a favorable outcome in their case.

3. Your Property Has Been Searched or Seized

Police and other authorities have some right to search and seize the property of private citizens in investigating crimes. However, this evidence gathering must be performed within the parameters laid out by the law. A lawyer can help ensure that any searches of your property are done in a legal manner and will help you fight for justice if you were the victim of any unlawful search.

4. You’ve Been Offered a Plea Deal

One of the potential outcomes of a legal case is that the defendant will be offered a plea deal. There can be many reasons for this type of deal to be offered, including getting the defendant’s cooperation in the investigation of other potential crimes or a number of other reasons. If you are offered a plea deal, contact a lawyer to get access to expert legal advice so you know whether or not you should take the deal.

5. You Have Been Wrongfully Accused of a Crime

While the justice system is intended to hold people accountable for their crimes, the system is not perfect. Some people may end up accused even when they are perfectly innocent. However, you shouldn’t rely on your own certainty that you didn’t commit the crime you’re being accused of. Seek legal counsel immediately so that you can get a skilled lawyer on your side in the courtroom to help argue your case.

Get Help from Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers in Louisville, KY

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