Car accidents cause physical and emotional trauma that often lead to legal proceedings. For victims in Kentucky grappling with recovery and insurance claims, the evidence plays an important part in the eventual legal outcome. What will your car accident lawyer in Louisville, KY be looking for to prove your losses?

How Does a Car Accident Lawyer in Louisville, KY Gather Evidence To Support Your Case?

By Prompt Investigation and Scene Preservation

A car accident scene contains critical evidence that can disappear, like skid marks, vehicle debris, and vehicle positions. All these can offer insights into the cause and dynamics of the collision, so lawyers frequently engage investigators to visit the site quickly, before this evidence is lost. The investigators may take photographs, measurements, and sometimes even employ drones to get an aerial perspective.

By Documenting Physical Damages and Injuries

Photographs can provide a compelling narrative. Lawyers ensure that clear photos of the damage to all vehicles involved are taken. This can help in establishing the severity and angle of impact. Similarly, it’s important to document any injuries. Immediate photographs can depict the true extent of the trauma, while subsequent photos can show the progression or healing of injuries, providing a timeline of recovery (or even deterioration).

By Securing Witness Testimonies

Witnesses offer a third-party perspective that can validate or contradict the accounts of the involved parties. A lawyer will promptly identify and interview these witnesses, and this immediate interaction may prevent circumstances, or even something as simple as time, from altering their memories of the event. Formal statements may be taken, and in some situations, your lawyer might even get affidavits to ensure these accounts are legally recorded.

By Retrieving and Reviewing Medical Records

Medical documentation is vital to establish a connection between the accident and the injuries. Your lawyer will work with you to retrieve medical records, diagnosis reports, treatment details, and expert medical opinions. These validate the existence of the injuries and help in quantifying the extent of monetary compensation required to compensate you for your losses, especially in cases of long-term rehabilitation or permanent disability.

By Procuring the Official Reports

The official accident report, usually drafted by the attending police officer, should give a comprehensive account of the accident. It should include details about the involved parties, potential witnesses, a description of the accident scene, and occasionally, indications of fault.

By Engaging Accident Reconstruction Experts

It’s not always clear what caused an accident. In many cases, there’s a dispute over how events unfolded, so your lawyer might engage accident reconstruction experts. These professionals use scientific methods and sometimes advanced software to recreate the accident. They analyze factors like speed, force, and road conditions to determine the likely sequence of events.

After a car accident, having a professional by your side can make all the difference, and gathering evidence is one of your lawyer’s most important roles. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident in Kentucky, don’t leave your fate to chance. Reach out to Winton & Hiestand Law Group PLLC today and let us get to work for you.