If you’ve had your car repossessed, you may feel embarrassed to seek legal help or believe there’s nothing you can do since you fell behind on your payments. Don’t let shame keep you from contacting a car repossession attorney in Louisville, KY. At Winton & Hiestand Law Group, PLLC, we know how having your vehicle repossessed can turn a challenging financial situation into an impossible one by taking away your ability to get to work.

What Do I Do If My Car Gets Repossessed?

When you receive a loan to purchase a vehicle, you’ll usually sign a contract stating the car serves as collateral for the loan. If you fall too far behind in payments, the lender can repossess or “repo” your vehicle. Usually, after repossessing your car, the lender will sell it to pay off the remaining balance. State laws dictate that a lender must follow standard sales protocol when selling your vehicle and not use unscrupulous tactics to collect the highest possible price.

Should the party that repossessed your car try to prevent you from recovering personal belongings you left inside it, a lawyer can ensure they allow you to retrieve what is legally yours. If your car is repossessed, you’ll want to contact a Kentucky car repossession lawyer for guidance. Your lawyer will examine the circumstances surrounding your repossession and look for ways your rights were violated during the repossession process.

What Kentucky Creditors Cannot Do

State laws exist to protect you if you have your car repossessed. Kentucky creditors and repossession companies cannot legally perform any of the following actions:

  • Use physical force to take your car
  • Take a car from an enclosed location, such as a garage, without the permission of the property owner
  • Sell the repossessed car without providing you with adequate warning
  • Sell the repossessed vehicle for an unfairly low or high price

How Do I Get My Vehicle Back?

You can get your vehicle back from the repossession company until it is sold to pay off your debt. An experienced Louisville lawyer can help you understand your options following a repossession and advise you on which ones may benefit your situation most. Some options for getting your vehicle back include the following:

Buying the Car Back

While this option may seem straightforward, it isn’t always the most practical. Repurchasing your car will require you to pay the lender the total amount you owe, the fee for repossessing, and any penalties.

You can buy your car back from the creditor directly before they put it up for sale or purchase it when they put it up for auction, if that’s an option for you. Since most individuals had their vehicles repossessed because they couldn’t pay their car payments, not because they forgot to make the payments, this solution isn’t the best option for most individuals.

Filing a Bankruptcy Petition

Filing for bankruptcy after repossession can be wise in certain circumstances. When you file for bankruptcy before the creditor has sold your vehicle, you will receive an automatic stay, which keeps the creditor from selling your car without being granted a court order. A lawyer can offer insight into whether you should file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which can buy you more time to get together the money you need to get your car back.

Contact a Car Repossession Attorney in Louisville, KY

Whether you need help filing for bankruptcy following your car’s repossession or believe the creditor or repossession company didn’t follow Kentucky law when repossessing your vehicle, a lawyer can help. Even if your car was repossessed, you still have legal rights that must be respected.

Get the justice and representation you deserve during this challenging time. Contact Winton & Hiestand Law Group, PLLC, to talk to one of our skilled attorneys and schedule a free consultation to review your situation.