Motor Vehicle Repossession

Losing one’s vehicle to repossession can be embarrassing and financially devastating. The sudden loss of a vehicle often leads to the loss of a job, worsening a bad financial situation. If you can no longer afford the payments on your car or truck loan or if your car or truck has been repossessed in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Attorney Zachary L. Taylor at Winton & Hiestand Law Group may be able to help you understand your rights, obligations, and options.

Many people whose vehicles have been repossessed believe they do not have any rights because they fell behind in the payments. Even if you defaulted on your auto loan, you still may have certain rights in the vehicle under the law.


We provide representation for those experiencing following circumstances in the Commonwealth of Kentucky:

  • Behind on Car or Truck Payments
  • Defaulted Car or Truck Loans
  • Repossesed Car or Truck

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If your lender failed to comply with the laws of Kentucky in connection with the repossession of your car or truck, you may be entitled to relief in the form of money damages. To speak with our experienced car repossession attorney, contact us for a FREE initial consultation.