Film Packaging

Navigating the landscape of packaging a movie, TV series, or other entertainment related projects is a complex process. Attorney and Managing Partner, Jeremy Winton, at Winton & Hiestand Law Group helps advise clients on the business and production processes as well as the legalities involved.

If you are interested in filming your next film or television project in Kentucky, we have created a seamless system to help production companies, filmmakers and producers succeed in the state, which offers a lucrative tax incentive.

Services Include

  • Facilitate the packaging of film, television, or other entertainment projects.
  • Navigation of Kentucky tax credit approval process
  • Liaison with production services including crew, locations and production resources
  • Liaison with post production services
  • Strategically plan and schedule meetings with integral parties.
  • Actively participate in meetings on behalf of clients.
  • Provide consulting services and prepare comprehensive business plans for clients in the entertainment industry.

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